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Security beyond encryption

Salt prioritises security by utilising the latest open-source encryption technologies wrapped in the tightest enterprise controls. This ensures our communications solution remains at the forefront of the market.

The Power of Salt: Our Encryption Technology at a Glance

Iron-clad encryption tech

Secure mobile communications demand more than just encryption, but at Salt, we acknowledge that encryption remains a critical component. That's why we use a blended approach with multiple encryption algorithms for maximum security. We follow industry best practices by using Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.3 at the transport layer. And with 2048-bit RSA keys, we strike the perfect balance between security and performance, ensuring the highest level of protection for all mobile devices.

Flexible Deployment

Salt offers unbeatable, flexible deployment options tailored to your needs, with both hosted and on-premise installation available. Choose the deployment method that's right for you and your organisation.


By using the fully-hosted SaaS version of Salt within the military-grade Salt instance or in our trusted partners' secure data centres, you retain full control over your system and can manage users and metadata.

On-Premise Installation

Deploy Salt Communications as a On-Premise Solution for complete control of your communication system. Ideal for regulatory compliance or advanced security needs, the Salt solution can be easily installed on your chosen infrastructure using a Docker install.