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Attorney-Client Privilege Communication Best Practices

On a daily basis, corporate counsel and their clients communicate confidentially. Assumptions regarding what is and will remain attorney-client privileged are included in these interactions. Attorney-client privilege, one of the oldest legal concepts in Anglo-American jurisprudence, is facing a paradigm shift with today’s rapid work culture advancement. While technological innovation has allowed for faster and […]


Salt Communications Webinar: Cyber Surveillance: Pegasus Spyware – Everything you need to know or were too scared to ask

According to reports, a new variant of the aggressive mobile spyware known as Pegasus has infected the mobile devices of over 50,000 people in 50 nations. Pegasus and other spyware must be safeguarded from enterprise security experts’ mobile endpoints, and ultimately their entire organisation. On Monday 22nd November 2021 Salt Communications will be hosting a […]

Awards News

Salt Communications awarded Highly Commended ‘Security Project of the Year’ in the Digital Technology Awards 2021

Salt Communications have been awarded Highly Commended ‘Security Project of the Year’ in the Digital Technology Awards 2021, having been shortlisted amongst many prestigious companies in the technology sector. The awards honoured digital accomplishment across the industry in three broad categories: organisational, personal, and project excellence. The Digital Technology Leaders Awards are an important occasion […]


The importance of cybersecurity in Military

The military’s primary mission is to provide security to all citizens. The rise in cyber attacks can make this mission more difficult as it’s becoming increasingly onerous to protect themselves, nevermind the rest of the population. The widespread adoption of information technologies has increased the likelihood of cyber-attacks and the military along with every other […]