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The importance of cybersecurity in Military

The military’s primary mission is to provide security to all citizens. The rise in cyber attacks can make this mission more difficult as it’s becoming increasingly onerous to protect themselves, nevermind the rest of the population. The widespread adoption of information technologies has increased the likelihood of cyber-attacks and the military along with every other […]


Longest Ever WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Outage: What Impact would this have had if you were using WhatsApp for business communications

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were all affected by global disruptions on Monday 4th October 2021. Something inside Facebook earlier last week caused the company to revoke key digital records that instruct computers and the other internet-enabled devices how to find these destinations online. With 10.6 million problem reports globally, website monitoring organisation Downdetector claimed Facebook, […]


Feature Focus Series, Webinar 4: Salts Secure Communication Integration with iManage

On Thursday 26th August 2021, Salt Communications hosted the fourth installment of their webinar series, Feature Focus to discuss Salt’s secure communication integration with iManage. This webinar was hosted by CEO and Co-Founder, Joe Boyle who answered a number of questions relating to the importance of integration with key legal systems within law firms. In […]