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why you shouldn't ignore mobile security

Why you shouldn’t ignore Mobile Security

The world of mobile cybercrime is always evolving as hackers look for more sophisticated ways to generate income. Kaspersky’s recent mobile report discovered over 95,000 new mobile Trojans in 2021, the number of attacks utilising this virus remained similar. Trojans, which are dangerous programmes that can run orders from a distance, also doubled in prevalence, […]


Top Mobile Security Threats expected in 2022

Misinformation campaigns, supply chain attacks, phishing, smishing, mobile interception and mobile malware are dominating mobile security trends worldwide and are just some of a large list of issues that businesses and government organisations are battling.   The hazards of compromised mobile security vulnerabilities are waiting around the corner, and even the largest businesses and governments are […]


The 5 most common cyber attacks on mobile devices in 2021

Many companies are prioritising mobile efforts these days with research suggesting  that increased mobility helps businesses enhance their operations and efficiency. Verizon’s 2021 Mobile Security Index Report demonstrates, there are many pre-existing and new hazards when it comes to mobile security that businesses must consider in order to stay safe. Traditionally the increases in organisational […]