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With full control and complete security, Salt allows financial institutions to communicate securely at all times.

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Safe Haven Secure Communications for Banks and Financial Institutes

One of the main targets of cybercrime is the financial and banking sector. In other words, it is where the money is. The client data that banks save is especially noteworthy as fraud and identity theft could be performed with it. The banking sector must safeguard its communications to fend off these threats.

To defend against such threats, cybersecurity must be approached holistically, leaving no attack surface unexplored. Communications are a crucial aspect of the banking industry’s security puzzle, especially when it comes to protecting business and client discussions. Here at Salt Communications we are working with global financial institutions to provide a secure and private safe haven network which allows organisations to effectively share intelligence in regards to their most important matters anytime, anywhere. Salt Communications can be deployed in a location of your choosing to ensure your business continuity plans are secure and compliant even when all other systems are locked down.


Salt Communications has an abundance of features to ensure financial communications remain private for both the business and their client:


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Make sure Secure Communications is apart of your Business Continuity planning.