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Consumer Comparison

Take a look at how the most popular consumer apps compare to Salt Communications


Before choosing a messaging app to use in the workplace, data protection, security compliance, privacy and features should be evaluated. There are a lot of instant messengers out there, and at first glance, they don’t seem to vary considerably. However, a closer examination reveals significant discrepancies beneath the surface, particularly in terms of security and privacy protection. The table below compares how the most popular messengers compare to one another.


Salt Communications Signal WhatsApp Telegram
Text Messages
Voice calls
Video calls
Group chats
Message broadcasting
Screenshot protection
Copy & paste restrictions
Distribution lists
Quote messages
Self destructing messages - burn
Deleting messages on recipients device

Security & Privacy

Salt Communications Signal WhatsApp Telegram
Privacy by design: No phone number or email address required
End-to-end encryption of transmitted messages
Circumvention of end-to-end encryption is not possible
On-Premise Deployment Options
No storage of chat messages on the server
No address-book access required
Decentralised architecture
Contact verification
White label capabilities (own brand)