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Frequently asked questions

Salt Communications offers a closed platform, so users cannot simply download the app from the app store and invite their friends and family. Salt Communications only provide access to the system to authenticated, verified organisations who pass our due diligence platform. We will not sell to individuals or groups who do not pass this process.


Once authenticated organisations and employees are invited onto the system where they can then manage their own accounts and control who gains access to the system, as well as who those users can communicate with when on the platform.

Yes, Salt is available for iOS, Android and Desktop devices.

Yes, Salt Communications works across the globe on all networks. Salt Communications is designed for

the international user: the service is agnostic of the underlying network and operates globally on

3G/4G/5G, LTE, WiFi and Satellite.

Salt uses open source, publicly verifiable cryptography libraries. You don’t have to rely on our engineers to develop the strongest levels of encryption – the code running your communications infrastructure has been peer reviewed by a joint consortium of the best cryptographic minds in the world.


The open source libraries and protocols we build upon include the following security features:


• Pinned TLS – Transport Layer Security – for encrypted connections

• Messages encrypted using Axolotl secure protocol (with Diffie-Hellman key exchange and a tamper proof hash (HMAC))

• Voice call signalling and setup using pinned TLS connections

• SRTP – Secure Real-time Transport Protocol for peer to peer voice call transfer


We are the only secure communications platform which allows our customers to install the infrastructure on premises, on their hardware, behind their firewalls.


Our solution has been penetration tested by multiple different organisations. Many of our partners and customers have funded their own, independent, research to ensure our product is secure.


To date, none of these test initiatives have discovered any security vulnerability or compromise.

WhatsApp along with numerous other solutions such as Viber, Signal and Facebook Messenger are all ‘consumer’ messaging applications. These apps do offer end-to-end encryption within their app, but the negative thing about these solutions is that they believe ‘Encryption’ is ‘Security’. Salt Communications don’t think that this is the case. We believe that enterprises should see ‘Security’ as Encryption working hand in hand with control and management. The ability to control who gets access to the application, as well as control over how the system is run (SaaS or On-Premise) and how metadata is stored/managed.


With recent high profile WhatsApp hacks, regular Pegasus attacks and previous Cambridge Analytica stories; large organisations need to ensure that they have full control over their technology solutions, and have the capability to control how their metadata is stored and used.

Salt Communications is very different to many competitors on the market. Firstly being a software solution, applicable for iOS, Android and Desktop devices, Salt Communications offer organisations with the capability to control who is invited onto the system, what way metadata is stored, and the capability to take the Salt Communications solution as an on-premise deployment.


With secure peer to peer and group messaging, message broadcasting, peer to peer voice and video calls, 15 person conference calling and message burn, Salt Communications offer differentiated key features as well as unique enterprise features.

Salt is the first company to provide a holistic solution for closed encrypted communications between modern smartphone users and the secure systems they access within their organisation. Our product provides full centralised control for administrators, as well as federated interfaces into and from trusted internal services. End users are those who need mobility coupled with the most secure voice and video calls, messaging and image/file transfer to enable critical decisions from any location. Salt offer the following core features:


• One to One Text Messages

• Group Text Messages

• One to One Calls

• Voice Conference Calls

• Video Calls

• Image, audio, and video sharing

• Information sharing to large groups of users instantaneously

• Secure event reporting around specific categorised incidents.

• Document sharing; large and small

Yes, Salt Communications gives interested parties full access to penetration test our solution. We can

provide previous pentests to interested organisations, but we feel that carrying out an independent

pentest via a trusted third party company is the most effective way to test the system. This ensures that

Salt Communications have no effect on the results of the pentest, and the enterprise can be fully

confident in the reliability of the results.

Salt Communication offers multiple ways for organisations to gain greater control of their own secure communications system. These include:


● Full on-premise installation

● Full white-label options

● White-label with private distribution function

● Integrations to pre-existing systems

● Encryption agnostic - we can use your preferred encryption technology if required

● Private Notifications - utilise your preferred private notification system

● Data retention control.


Messages are asynchronous, so are not subject to latency issues. A 100 character message will use approximately 1500 bytes (1.5kB). When it is received, the response/acknowledgement back to the sender is approximately 900 bytes.



The Salt Communications app uses the WebRTC standards and protocols for handling the voice transmission functions. This includes the OPUS codec for adapting voice quality to varying network bandwidth. The codec can operate with bandwidths between 6Kbps and 510 Kbps.

On an unrestricted network, the app will consume approximately 70Kbps in each direction for a peer to peer connection. The figure may vary depending upon network conditions and restrictions. When less bandwidth is available the app will reduce consumption while maintaining call quality.


For 4G networks we see typical bandwidth usage of around 40Kbps in each direction. Our testing

includes running the solution on many different types of simulated networks. These include WiFi, 3G, 4G,

5G and a specially tuned high latency, low bandwidth network with a profile of 15Kbps available capacity

and 500ms latency.

Salt Communications is used by clients across multiple industries due to Salt Communications capabilities.


Salt Communications facilitates secure conversations anywhere in the world, allowing important decisions to be made virtually, a requirement for many different industries, including:


● Government

● Legal

● Policing

● Manufacturing

● Financial

● Insurance

● Transport

● Maritime

● Oil & Gas

● Media

Secure communication is when two or more parties are corresponding, they do not want a malicious actor to overhear their conversation. Entities must communicate in a method that is resistant to listening in on or intercepting in order for this to be the case. People can share information with varied degrees of assurance that these actors cannot overhear them using secure communication methods such as a secure communications system such as Salt Communications.

A secure communications system allows professionals to carry out one-to-one and conference calls, one-to-one and group messages, file/image transfer and secure message broadcast capabilities. With a secure communications system such as Salt Communications we also provide many other unique features such as the ability to restrict users from taking screenshots, the ability to prevent users having the capabilities to download documents & images and the ability for users to purge messages from their device & all recipients devices too - a function that can be done manually, or have a timer setting.

Having a secure communications system is the best armour organisations have to protect trade secrets and other sensitive, strategic and proprietary information when communicating on mobile devices. It is a software solution that is more than a secure mobile app: it has a web-based management platform for dynamic provisioning of secure mobile voice and text communications. Therefore, your organisation will have total control over their communications anywhere and at any time.

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