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Secure Safe Haven Communications

Many well-publicised cases exist about huge corporations that neglect properly protecting business and employee data by failing to follow a few basic procedures when it comes to their internal, confidential information. With our growing reliance on technology, it’s becoming increasingly important to protect all aspects of online information and data. If all systems have been hit, your organisation needs the ability to communicate securely on a safe haven platform where you can manage incidents securely and efficiently.

Secure safe haven network

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A truly distinct safe haven network available when all other systems are unavailable

Creating a pre-configured safe haven communications network to use in emergency situations – breaches/intrusions being one but other factors like natural disasters or civil unrest being other potential scenarios – is increasingly emerging as a best practice.    

Certain elements of safe haven preparation – like preloading the secure communication app on mobile devices, pre-configuring users and groups that will need to share sensitive information (e.g., attorneys and their clients, attorneys in a practice group within a law firm) – can be done in advance as part of a disaster planning process.  

In fact, not only can it be done, it unequivocally should be done. 

During times of crisis, it’s important to get trusted instructions to employees and key stakeholders in a timely manner.  For example, what should (and should not) be an employee’s response to a media inquiry?  What should be said to clients, and by whom?  What are the approved or prohibited methods for employees to communicate with one another?  How should existing computing equipment and network resources be used?  What computing resources are and are not available?

These are just a few of the many potential types of communications which are even more important in times of trouble.  Getting the word out safely and securely to organisation members is a very important consideration.  

Salt has an abundance of features to ensure communications remain private during times of crisis:

Secure Messaging & Calls
1:1 and group messaging / calls up to 16 people to allow communications to remain secure and private during times of crisis.
Flexible Deployment
Hosted on a trusted external system or SaaS to ensure that if everything else is down, Salt provides a safe place to communicate.
Message Broadcasting
Message broadcasting functionality to push live alerts to chosen internal users. The ability to override do not disturb and silent settings to ensure receipt.
Closed Contacts
Closed user groups, ensuring that communications are locked down and controlled, eliminating external vulnerabilities and ensuring key stakeholders can share sensitive information to trusted contacts.

Be prepared with a pre-configured safe haven communications network.

With implementations enabling ultra-secure communications in the law enforcement, military, government, legal, financial, and enterprise industries, Salt is the global leader in secure communications offering security features to protect your network that are built to deal with crisis situations. 

When all other systems are down and unreachable, having a secure communications platform as a safe haven network is essential to ensure business continuity.


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Salt Communications Safe Haven Network


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