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Remote Working

With much of the world still remote working, the Internet era and technical advancements have made it trivially easy for all of us to perform our daily duties from the comfort of our own home.

The pandemic has accelerated remote working as a standard practice for many organisations.  Enabled by the internet, the use of technologies for video communications, work monitoring and work sharing coupled with the acceptance of new work and management paradigms has generated risk within organizations and between organisations.  Negotiating, agreeing and transacting between organisations is the essence of  business.  How can the essential security, privacy protection and trust between parties that must communicate remotely be protected when the very openness and utility of the core channels, media and tools that they use are themselves a risk?

Salt has worked closely with clients for many years who require exactly this, a location independent tool that ensures complete privacy for users who need to make important decisions.   Example use cases include lawyer-client relationships, board meetings and intra-enterprise negotiations,  where secure communication is an imperative.

At the beginning of lockdown, many organisations across the globe began procuring systems that allowed for video conferencing with clients to make remote meetings more personalised. While this is indeed an effective solution that restores personalised meetings to some degree, many also chose to cancel a meeting, or postpone the making of important decisions rather than risk disclosing confidential information via productivity tools that simply weren’t designed for sharing highly sensitive information. Whether this refers to lawyer-client relationships, leadership board meetings, or enterprise negotiations,  secure communication is imperative.

Salt has worked closely with clients for many years who require exactly this, a location independent tool that ensures complete privacy for users who need to make important decisions without being in the same room – and today this use case has never resonated more.

The Salt secure communications solution enables remote, timely, protected discussions which have previously been reserved for in-person meetings or had taken place with the high risk of hacking. With the ability to offer organisations one-to-one and conference calling functions, meetings no longer need to be cancelled and can instead be conducted in a distributed manner.


Key Features

Secure Messaging
Our bespoke solution offers users private, real-time secure messaging and group chat functionality to their Salt contacts.
Secure Conferencing
We pride ourselves on quality voice conferencing allowing up to 15 participants at any one time. All VoIP calls are encrypted and secure in any region.
Secure Video Calls
From confidential documents to sensitive image transfer, Salt communications enables complete end-to-end encryption of multiple file attachments simultaneously.
File Transfer
From confidential documents, to sensitive image transfer, SaltDNA allows for multiple file attachments that are completely encrypted end-to-end.
Closed Contacts
Organisations can effectively manage the communication channels within their company. They control who speaks to who as the user's contact list is not linked to their personal device.
Flexible Deployment
Salt uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure administrator credentials, ensuring undeniable privacy and compliance.