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[SI-1049] – We send message burns to members who have left a group if they originally received it

[SI-3066] – Audio will default to speaker when video call is started

[SI-3698] – Added group chat photo change ICNs 

[SI-3711] – Tapping the Check Permissions button in the Settings now displays a brief message if everything is fine

[SI-3714] – Updated the cell selection colours as it didn’t look right for dark background themes 


[SI-3708] – The call screen would not show if on the Settings screen

[SI-3725, SCSD-908, SCSD-925, SCSD-788] – applied a fix for a seldom but frequent crash when sending messages

[SI-3726] – Offline broadcast burns would not occur until an app restart

[SI-3727] – Offline burns were not being resent when re-connected.

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