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iOS 11.5.0


[SI-3874] When on the Settings screen in-app notifications now appear only once

[SI-3908] The mute until label now will update correctly for a group or contact

[SI-3913] Improved the track-bar colour for audio clips

[SI-3925] Starting call from the conversation screen context menu starts a video call

[SCSD-1007], [SCSD-1014], [SCSD-1015] Missed Call icon incorrectly displayed on outgoing calls

[SCSD-1032] Broadcast messages containing capitalized https:// links would not open


[SI-3827] Notification capitalization is now correct

[SI-3832] Enabling and disabling auto-burn settings on the server now in sync

[SI-3902] Add icons to context menus

[SI-3821] Attachments received in the background will now begin downloading automatically 

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