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iOS 11.4.0


[SI-3753] iOS Mute chats for a period of time 


[SI-2910] Now support setting Show Message Sender from the portal

[SI-3148] Context Menus now using new iOS 15 styles 

[SI-3786] We now support the configuration of on-site iManage deployments

[SI-3810] Can now export a conversation to iManage

[SI-3817] Remove selection style from broadcast channel and cell nodes

[SI-3828] Updates to some colours following iOS 15 release

[SI-3749] Improved the performance and layout of the broadcasts UI


[SI- 3752] Profile picture formatting issue on selectors

[SI-3770] Touch to return to call overlapping send button

[SI-3769]  UI issue when accepting video call in app

[SI-3798] Incoming video call won’t show on receiver side if they background and foreground before answering 

[SI-3773] Handle phone numbers in broadcast content node body text

[SI-3809] Touch to return to call overlapping contact name on contact details screen

[SI-3822] The contact details screen was sometimes not positioned correctly

[SCSD-982] Broadcast cancels received in the background would not fully delete

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