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  • SI-7619 – Disable the swipe to reply gesture when a user is scrolling the thread.
  • SI-7591 –  Restore screen: ‘Enter Password’ now has a grey background.
  • SI-7617 – Swiping to leave a message thread causes the keyboard to show briefly. 
  • SI-7618 – Swiping right in a location attachment activates the swipe to reply feature.
  • SI-7638 – Increased logging around notifications.
  • SI-7642 – Stop resetting the unsent messages so often.


  • SI-6881 – Exporting selected messages now works as expected.
  • SI-7496 – Calls unread counter from previous verification remains after re-verifying.
  • SI-7601 – Now showing correct index when viewing attachments in media feed.
  • SI-7622 – Broadcast preview now updates after burning the most recent message.

Support Issues

SCSD-1761 – Improvements to message resends

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