11th September 2023

A number of small bug fixes and improvements.

iOS 11.28.0


  • SI-7284 – Return key on image/video caption keyboard is now labelled as “Return”
  • SI-7283 – The message thread preview previously showed videos as “File”, now changed to show “Video”
  • SI-7280 – Enhancements to logging around group message notifications
  • SI-7198 – Message thread title now returns to its original location after the in-call view no longer exists 
  • SI-6999 – Outgoing call tone now plays through bluetooth headphone when connected


  • SI-7263 – PIN Reset App “remaining attempts” is now properly managed
  • SI-7236 – User profile pictures now showing in the message info screen for group messages
  • SI-7236 – We now disable  ‘Demote User’/’Make Group Admin’ button when offline in group info page
  • SI-7129 – Now able to download attachments pasted from p2p/group into broadcasts messaged
  • SI-7128 – Audio attachment played from the broadcast info screen no longer continue playing after the screen is dismissed

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