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SaltIM Release Notes 

29 July 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

iOS 11.2.0


[SI-3618] – iManage Support: Beta iManage integration added for legal matter management

[SI-3622] – Profile Pictures and GC Pictures: Updated profile support to allow setting your own and group-chat pictures


[SI-3643] – The group information screen now shows the group identifier

[SI-3645] – An incoming call is now shown even when the camera control is open


[SI-3631] – When others are also admins of a group the group could not be disbanded

[SI-3655] – Corrected a minor overlap in the message thread title when using large font sizes

[SI-3620] – Updated PDF file message bubble to be consistent with the PDF message bubble on android 

[SI-3640] – Replies to messages are reloaded when it’s parent message is deleted

[SI-3660] – Swipe gesture added to message thread to allow for swipe gesture to be used to return to previous screen

[SI-3662] – inCallView top constraint on message thread not updated if incoming call view is shown and dismissed

[SI-3694] – Pasting image from device to message thread doesn’t show preview screen

[SCSD-915] – Screen sleeps when playing audio message over 30 seconds

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