6th July 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

iOS 11.1.0


[SI-3527] – Broadcast channel previews now show images/videos

[SI-3533] – An ICN is now displayed whenever someone changes a group

[SI-3541] – We now show file attachments with the full filename – no truncation.

[SI-3589] – Placeholders for profile pictures are in place and currently showing bitmoji’s

[SI-3604] – Updated the branding of the CallKit icon

[SI-3607] – When selecting multiple messages the back button would become unavailable


[SI-3650] – The main message thread view was being retained by a circular reference which could cause memory issues

[SCSD-872] – Now showing PDF previews again

[SCSD-884] – Improved how we display and handle attachments that are received in the background. We now show a download overlay and warn if you try to forward content that has not been downloaded

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