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This release covers a number of bug fixes and improvements.


  • [SI-3262] No longer send warnings about forwarding your own messages.
  • [SI-3332] Improved the alignment of file and audio messages.
  • [SI-3359] Any text sent with a location in a broadcast message is now displayed in the preview.
  • [SI-3361] We properly support Memojis in the broadcast channels.
  • [SI-3362] The audio control used colours that sometimes made it difficult to see part of it.


  • [SI-3207] The receipts would not update the status label for a message.
  • [SI-3332] Corrected the alignment of file messages.
  • [SI-3334] You can no longer record video when on a call, this was already the case for audio.
  • [SI-3382] Burning all calls from a remote device was not honoured locally.
  • [SCSD-752] Media files that do not contain a video track are now treated as audio.
  • [SCSD-754] Frequent table updates were impacting the performance of the main message thread when there were lots of messages.
  • [SCSD-762] The in-app notification banners were causing message threads to remain active – received messages would be marked as read.
  • [SCSD-767] A missed call notification would not be recorded when the device was locked.
    • Stabilised handling when receiving PubSub events from other users.
    • A missed call record could sometimes cause instability on the app.

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