This release introduces a new look. The UI has been refreshed, introducing new colours and layouts. It also includes some minor bug fixes.


  • [SI-3102] Corrected some background colours.
  • [SI-3025] Remove extra whitespace at bottom of location images.
  • [SI-3044] Record a missed conference call when the user is already busy on a call.
  • [SI-3061] The message thread would jump slightly when receiving new messages in a thread that was scrolled up to earlier messages.
  • [SI-3063] A placeholder now shows the messages that were received when the message thread was scrolled.
  • [SI-3083] Improved performance when scrolling through lots of unread messages.
  • [SI-3084] Improved support for RTL devices in the message thread.
  • [SI-3100] Missed conference calls received whilst on a conference call will now also report the participants.
  • [SI-3141] Always show the sender name for reply-to messages in groups.
  • [SI-3142] The unread count for messages when in a message thread would sometimes display the wrong size.
  • [SI-3166] Refreshed the UI – updated colours, refined some of the layout, context aware FAB.
  • [SI-3170] Reduced the spacing caused by the Read More button in a message thread.
  • [SI-3196] Changing the font size in Settings is now reflected in the main UI immediately.
  • [SI-3200] The search bar would obscure the Conversations listing on some devices.
  • [SI-3228] Long messages would run off the edge of the conversation list.
  • [SI-3232] Tidied up some strings used within the app.
  • [SI-3245] When sender id is enabled the broadcast notification title would also be overwritten.


  • [SI-2985] Rapidly tapping the record audio message button could cause the audio controls to disappear.
  • [SI-3026] Outgoing messages would sometimes animate incorrectly.
  • [SI-3037] Sometimes the message surround in the message thread would be incorrect.
  • [SI-3059] A missed conference call was not recorded as missed.
  • [SI-3073] We would occasionally see a crash on the message thread for the first message of the day.
  • [SI-3088] Tapping an unknown user in a disbanded group you created would show a menu for the wrong user.
  • [SI-3114] The status label for a message would sometimes become truncated and show ellipses. This would happen if the status of the message changed to something longer than what was displayed.
  • [SI-3164] In a message thread the button menu would continue to show forward/reply incorrectly after the forward/reply had completed.
  • [SI-3192] Reply-to cells would sometimes cause layout issues.
  • [SI-3194] The camera button would reappear if typing a message and one was received in the current message thread.
  • [SI-3220] An outgoing call could be left ringing indefinitely.
  • [SI-3226] Background the app before a conference call was ended could show the conference call as active when the app was foregrounded again.
  • [SI-3227] The reply-to button would sometimes be unresponsive on the smaller screen devices.
  • [SI-3234] Should not be able to compose a ReplyTo message within a disbanded group.
  • [SCSD-417] Corrected the orientation of pictures taken – pictures taken in landscape mode would appear incorrect on desktop devices.

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