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Minor bug fixes.


  • [SI-3035] Improved the layout of audio messages with better formatting when group names are displayed.
  • [SI-3036] Increased the padding to the group name shown when sending images as it was very close to the screen edge on the left side.
  • [SI-3039] Broadcast channels burn times will now be enforced independent of the global retention period.


  • [SI-2024] When using the media browser to look at images in a message thread the navigation controls would not work on some devices.
  • [SI-3029] An incoming call could sometimes terminate a conference call.
  • [SI-3031] An incoming conference call will no longer interfere with an ongoing peer call.
  • [SI-3038] The Unread label and audio messages would sometimes overlap.
  • [SCSD-642] A devices will now correctly report its model to the server.
  • [SCSD-644] Audio notes volume improved.

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