CallKit Improvements and bug fixes


  • [SI-2247] In the MediaFeed control videos were offset from center.
  • [SI-2273] Some major updates required to support recently enforced CallKit changes in iOS 13.
  • [SI-2773] A different tone is now played when attempting to contact another user. The ring tone was confusing because it suggested that the other device was ringing.
  • [SI-2792] A warning will only be sent to the users who messages were forwarded.
  • [SI-2920] We showed the number of times an invalid PIN code was shown even when there were no consequences.
  • [SCSD-426] A server-side setting can now control whether the sender of a message is shown in the notification.
  • [SI-2663] In-App Notifications containing the user alias and message preview now supported.


  • [SI-2612] Sometimes the status during a call would continue to still show “Connecting” when the call was in fact connected.
  • [SI-2701] The font size when installing the application would change upon restart.
  • [SI-2702] Reconnecting to a conference call would not correctly update the status of the members.
  • [SI-2777] The call duration would be hidden when putting a call on Hold and then dismissing and showing the call screen.
  • [SI-2850] Update how we configure the speaker button during calls – it would sometimes show the wrong status.
  • [SI-2875] The incoming call screen would not display if playing a video fullscreen.
  • [SI-2904] The fast-index scroller on the multi-user selection screen would sometimes cause a crash.
  • [SI-2924] The call button on the call details screen would stay enabled when the app was backgrounded and foregrounded at a later time.
  • [SCSD-566] Services were not being recognised in the roster and the message thread was displayed.

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