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Some minor bug fixes and additional dynamic branding.

Bug Fixes

  • [SI-2548] The spacing in the conversation view would have extra padding for some messages.
  • [SI-2562] Sometimes ‘you’ would appear as a member of a conference call when viewing the details.
  • [SI-2577] The audio control is now used for audio messages that you are sending and provides more information about what’s being sent.
  • [SI-2583] In certain instances the speaker could become active when receiving a call.
  • [SI-2595] When the share view was visible the incoming call view would not appear.
  • [SI-2609], [SCSD-480] For RTL languages the copy and forward buttons in a message thread would not work.
  • [SI-2621] Fixed issue with malformed message IDs.
  • [SI-2623] Added logs to explain why we won’t run on a device that’s jailbroken.
  • [SI-2625] The message summary in the conversation screen was not aligned correctly for RTL.
  • [SI-2628] The max number of participants label would sometimes become squashed especially on smaller screen devices.
  • [SI-2668] The conference call information displayed would be incorrect whenever the connection was lost and recovered. Duplicates were possible and ‘you’ would sometimes appear listed.
  • [SI-2671] A Skip button on one of the onboarding screens was very difficult to see.
  • [SI-2672] Entering the app whilst listening to music would cause the music to stop.
  • [SI-2675] Improved the layout of the conversation cell – sometimes the unread marker would overlap the summary text.
  • [SI-2676] Corrected an issue whereby the badge count would continue incrementing – it would happen whenever the phone was restarted but never unlocked and a notification was received.
  • [SCSD-478] Desktop can send a description with a file attachment.

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