iOS 10.13.1, Android 10.13.0


This is a minor release focusing on a number of bug fixes and minor improvements.


  • SI-2197: On the Broadcasts screen the small attachment type icon looked squished.
  • SI-2201: Corrected a missing asset on backup/restore screens.

Bug Fixes

  • SCSD-356: Notifications should now be localized.
  • SI-2195: Locations that have been backed up are now correctly restored.
  • SI-2200: Properly handling queued messages when restored.
  • SI-2206: A restore would count action messages as being unread.


This release introduces the backup and restore functionality for entitled users. The new client also includes a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • Users can now back up their message and broadcast content and restore this at a later date, on any device. This means that important messages can be restored when switching devices.


  • SI-1998: Improved message info screen
  • SI-2172: Various UI improvements on settings screen including dialog colours
  • SI-2115: Improved grammar in group event messages
  • SI-2114: Corrected punctuation in forwarded messages
  • SI-2023: Audio messages are now played through the handset when phone is brought to the ear
  • SI-1975: Currently playing audio will now pause when playing an audio attachment
  • SI-2000: Added ability to send GIFs from gallery
  • SI-1973: When using devices with a physical keyboard, pressing enter will send a message
  • SI-1971: Arrows for drop-down list of circle participants is now correct when list is collapsed
  • SI-1785: Recently contacted users is limited to 5
  • SI-2057: System call and notification sounds are now used for calls and messages in-app

Bug Fixes

  • SI-2112: Fixed an issue when backgrounding app whilst recording audio attachment
  • SI-2108: Receiving device would sometimes continue to play hold tone after caller ends the call
  • SI-2105: Critical alerts dialog will show even when broadcasts are not enabled
  • SI-2083: Message sound settings will persist state after reopening app
  • SI-1880: If a call rings out, sometimes it would continue to ring
  • SI-2060: Fixed issue with incoming call resulting in app close and a missed call being logged
  • SI-2059: Incoming call screen/notification was not being shown in some edge cases
  • SI-2056: Incoming calls can now be silenced
  • SI-2038: Forwarding a file attachment twice was resulting in the filename sometimes changing
  • SI-2016: When using a physical keyboard, the “1” button was hidden
  • SI-1997: Occasional issues when viewing some image attachments
  • SI-1996: Fixed an issue when updating roster with new contact
  • SI-1993: Fixed an issue when updating circles
  • SI-1984: Message preview was pushing message details out of the screen
  • SI-1976: Playing audio was continuing after leaving the conversation screen
  • SI-1986: User alias did not update in app after coming back online
  • SI-1859: Alert broadcast sound didn’t play when phone was in vibrate mode
  • SI-1848: Crash when editing a broadcast message with an undownloaded attachment
  • SI-1787: Previously disbanded group chats were sometimes remaining in the messages list
  • SI-1720: Fixed the refresh issues for new messages in messages list
  • SI-1719: Improved how calls with other platforms are handled when in a call
  • SI-1699: Users could sometimes send messages into groups with no other members remaining
  • SI-1607: Loading spinner was occasionally shown indefinitely when loading favourite contacts
  • SI-1536: Attachment UI was not refreshing when disconnecting and reconnecting during upload

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