Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • [SI-2533] Desktop was slow when receiving/sending messages and/or attachments.
  • [SI-2534] Desktop was slow when there are large numbers of messages in a conversation.
  • [SI-2551] Updated the electron wrapper to the latest.
  • [SI-2651] Call records now report when they started and not when they ended.
  • [SI-2656] When using the large font size the unread number would be misaligned.
  • [SCSD-491] Can now select any part of a message and not simply the whole thing.

Bug Fixes

  • [SI-2036] The uninstaller would not remove the SaltIM application entry in Apps & Features.
  • [SI-2220] Disabling the refresh shortcut as it causes issues during calls.
  • [SI-2532] If sending multiple attachments sometimes an attachment would be sent before it had been successfully uploaded.
  • [SCSD-488] An updated sqlite meant that a query was returning conversations in an incorrect order.

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