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[SI-3436] – Ability to forward a message

[SI-3758] – Mute P2P/Group Chats for an amount of time

[SI-3827] – Updated packages used by the build to newer versions. Increased security and performance improvements.

[SI-3949] – Option to mark all messages in a conversation as ‘read’

[SI-3950] – Group chat administrators can now manage other administrators in the group chat

[SI-3997] – Ability to burn selected messages in a chat


[SI-3827] – Design tweaks around calls and counters

[SI-3831] – Changed label for disbanded groups

[SI-3879] – Updated domainless verification asking for domain in instructions

[SI-3899] – Long URLs are no longer breaking message containers

[SI-3964] – Logging improvements

[SI-3980] – Improved app stability

[SI-3987] – Call log displays now update correctly

[SI-3998] – Re-enabled an unresponsive “burn all calls” button

[SI-4000] – Improved iManage network resilience

[SI-4015] – Some UI design updates

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