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iManage export and re-home support and various bug fixes and improvements.

Desktop 6.10.0

New Feature

iManage Export – Messages can now be exported to iManage and files.

iManage custom domain support – Support for a custom domain for communicating with iManage, which can be used for on-premise iManage instances.

Re-home – Users can now be re-homed to a different server.


[SI-3731] – Now requires entering the pin when changing an existing pin or removing the lock delay.

[SI-3741] – Performance improvements when loading message threads and conversations.

[SI-3796] – Design improvements across the application.

[SI-3802] – Now enforcing pin entry when server policy requires a pin.

[SI-3812] – When replying to a message or adding an attachment, focus automatically shifts to message input.


[SI-3751] – Fixed an issue with group images not showing for admin users.

[SI-3807] – Removed Windows uninstall menu option. Windows users should be using Add/Remove programs on windows to ensure proper uninstallation.

[SI-3818] – Group chat image upload no longer causes the app to be locked if lock delay expires.

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