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[SI-7235] – Read icon on messages is only shown when all group members have read the message.
[SI-7203] – Updated how we handle retrieving messages from local storage to improve performance.
[SI-7202] – Improved logging around critical operations.
[SI-7614] – Added a reset olm admin action to the hello response.
[SI-7122] – Auto burn timer now correctly removes messages from the message list dynamically.
[SI-7525] – App no longer stalls message sending when bulk forwarding both attachments and messages.
[SI-7524] – Can now forward to multiple users and groups without the message stalling.
[SI-7522] – Burning the last message in a peer-to-peer chat now removes the chat from the chat list.
[SI-7519] – App adds chat to chat list if the first message is an attachment.
[SI-7518] – Sending a group attachment correctly updates the chat with the attachment that was sent.
[SI-7223] – Getting removed from a channel that you’re not viewing doesn’t show the composing screen.
[SI-6852] – “Mark all as read” option now sets all messages as read.

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