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Bug Fixes

[SI-5447] Call permissions when trying to start a call from Group Chat and other places.

[SI-5443] Difficult to select a forwarded image.

[SI-5462] Add padding between metadata information.

[SI-5454] Remove reply function when a user is removed from a group chat.


[SI-5463] Update image message info ui.

[SI-5459] Update Third party Libraries – Updated SQLCipher and Crashlytics.

[SI-4235] Replace identicons with initials and groups with standard group icons.

[SI-5444] Remove defunct can_create_groups_and_conferences permission.

Support Issues Addressed

[SCSD-1469], [SI-5499] Able to forward a message to a user not in the contact list.[SCSD-1450], [SI-5474] Restoring a backup does not include entire conversations.

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