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Bug Fixes

[SI-4795] Filter out conversations & unread messages from the portal.

[SI-5171] Unread count shows when you receive a message to a thread you are viewing then go back to the conversation list.

[SI-5440] Crash when trying to play audio message in broadcast channel.

[SI-3160] Broadcasts don’t ask for storage permission.

[SI-3124] Audio message layout stuck recording.

[SI-5396] When the ‘Allow Group Create’ policy is disabled, display warning toast.

[SI-5451] Submit report is not populating info

[SI-5447] Not requesting Call permissions when trying to start a call from Group Chat and other places


[SI-5191] Improved startup speed when receiving call or message notification.

[SI-5136] ICNs should be encrypted and handled like a regular message.

[NO-TICKET] Fixing drawable loading on message screen.

[SI-4234] Migrate splash screen implementation in line with Android 12 requirements.

[SI-5313] Optionally include exif information including date and location of the image.

[SI-5364] Share google link location.

[SI-5438] Android 12 handling of notification taps.

[SI-5306] Broadcasts, add a search facility.

[SI-5067] Audio message in broadcast channel does not match UI designs.

[SI-1448] Remove REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGE permission from manifest.

[SI-5444] Remove defunct groups and conferences permission

Support Issues Addressed

[SCSD-1362] Sometimes Notifications are not being dismissed from the notification bar.

[SCSD-1397] Forwarding a file sometimes incorrectly results in file too large error.

[SCSD-1408] Prepare for Android 12 API level requirements.

[SCSD-1424] Android app icons update.

[SCSD-1419] Android does not share maps short links correctly.

[SCSD-1208] Loading image issue.[SCSD-1363] Broadcast tab search function.

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