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Support Tickets

[SCSD-992] We now generate and send the thumbnail for PDFs to other devices

[SCSD-1043] Bare JID no longer exposed in screenshot ICN

[SCSD-1034] [Broadcast] Resolved issue where not all users are receiving BC

Bug Fixes

[SI-3405] Call history in All tab was only displaying missed calls after missing a call

[SI-3946] Forward function was not working in the app

[SI-3947] Unable to type into message box field when creating broadcast


[SI-3757] Chats can now be muted for a chosen amount of time

[SI-1625] OLM library upgrade to latest version

[SI-2394] Account suspension bypass prevention

[SI-3915] Suspended Customer screen requires adjustment

[SI-3962] Improved notification handling -many notifications do not flood user

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