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Android 11.2.8

Support Issues Addressed

[SCSD-992] PDF preview performance improvements.

[SCSD-994] Provide message ID for broadcast posts.

[SCSD-995] Last seen status showing incorrect information.

[SCSD-989] Message info shows duplicates of the current user’s profile image.

[SCSD-975] Call button still displays for removed users on some devices.

[SCSD-962] Lock screen doesn’t show in some cases.


[SI-3871] Improved logging around group updates.

[SI-3289] Re-homing improvements.

[SI-3365] Minor translation improvements.

[SI-3724] Message thread date improvements.

[SI-3111] Location message UI improvements.

[SI-3333] Call screen UI improvements.

[SI-2128] Batch notification sound.

Bug Fixes

[SI-2667] Adding call ID in call details.[SI-3779] Verification screen text correction.

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