Support Issues Addressed

[SI-3588] Groups and contacts now have their own unique avatar

[SI-3540] Updated file message UI to show previews of PDF files

[SI-3591] Captions will now show for incoming files


[SI-3593] Video messages now open in full screen view

Bug Fixes

[SI-3595] Recent media not updated after receiving a message while on the contact info screen

[SI-3157] Call button still available when you leave a group chat

[SI-3605] Android doesn’t disconnect when woken up in the background

[SI-3559] Audio message progress bar goes to max when you press play for the first time on some Samsung devices

[SI-3610] Forwarding file message causes crash

[SI-3626] Connection oddness when sending attachment

[SI-3638] Disbanded group summary is no longer shown on messages tab

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Android 11.5.0

Bug Fixes [SI-5447] Call permissions when trying to start a call from Group Chat and other places. [SI-5443] Difficult to select a forwarded image. [SI-5462]