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Android 10.5, iOS 10.5.1

Performance, UI & Bug Fixes

This release includes performance improvements, UI/UX enhancements and bug fixes.

Android 10.5


  • SI-613: Updated alignment of call record cells.
  • SI-612: Added a subtle fade while scrolling through a user’s info page.
  • SI-611: Shadows applied to call and message buttons to highlight functional purpose.
  • SI-610: Shadow added to FAB to highlight functional purpose.
  • SI-594: Increased the incoming call timeout from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • SI-593: Outgoing calls no longer ring indefinitely; instead an outgoing call will ring for 60 seconds before being cancelled.
  • SI-559: Updated user info UI.
  • SI-584: Updated the app styles to support phones that have screens with notches.
  • SI-582: Added a new icon to better reflect the termination of a conference call.
  • SI-543: Made performance improvements to the conversation thread.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-601: Fixed a crash that occurred when a user was using multi-select in a conversation.
  • SI-431: Fixed an issue where the Android client was not terminating conference calls correctly.
  • SI-704: Fixed crash on start up in relation to auto burn.
  • SI-703: Fixed crash in relation to networking delays.
  • SI-702: Fixed crash when clicking on deleted attachment.
  • SI-700: Fixed crash when calls are shutting down.
  • SI-692: Fixed issues where wrong forwarding event was sent.
  • SI-691: Export conversation option was removed from Call Info page.
  • SI-686: Fixed crash when clicking Submit Report when device was offline.
  • SI-665: Fixed an issue where a user could not rejoin a conference call.
  • SI-603: Fixed an issue where the keyboard would not hide after a search.
  • SI-602: Fixed an issue where a crash allowed user to bypass force pin functionality.
  • SI-590: Fixed an issue where duplicate circles where being shown.
  • SI-573: Fixed a crash caused by roster updates.
  • SI-568: Fixed an issue where the speaker button was not showing as active.
  • SI-555: When posting a broadcast, the new camera UI will be present for taking photos or videos.
  • SI-476: Fixed an issue where Android permissions were not being asked for before a conference call was made.
  • SI-474: Fixed an alignment issue caused by multiple dialects being present in the conference call screen.
  • SI-473: Fixed an issue where the user count in the conference call record was incorrect.
  • SI-470: Fixed an issue where the wrong attachment preview was being shown in a message bubble.

iOS 10.5.1


  • SI-589 & SI-236: Title & Search Bar UI has been improved.
  • SI-561: Major performance improvements made for the conversations screen. Searching is also much faster.
  • SI-558: UI has been improved on the user details screen.
  • SI-527: Removed the Setting “Answer Call without Passcode” – it is no longer required due to CallKit.
  • SI-516: UI has been improved on the recent call details screen.
  • SI-415: Updated the quick alphabet index on the contacts screen to support Arabic.
  • SI-404: The ringtone used internally now matches the one used when the app is dead and a call is received.
  • SI-46: Improved connection reliability when losing WIFI during a conference call.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-514: The Export Conversation option was incorrectly displayed when viewing a call record.
  • SI-528: Corrected an issue with microphone permissions on the incoming call screen.
  • SI-690: Corrected an issue whereby audio messages in a thread could not be long pressed.
  • SI-671: Fixed an issue where tapping an image in the preview shown for messages details would crash the app.
  • SI-655: Fixed an issue where backgrounding the app before a call was connected resulted in the call screen disappearing with the user unable to bring it back. The call was still ongoing however if accepted.
  • SI-654: Fixed an issue where attempting to forward a broadcast to another channel would instead be forwarded to the current channel.
  • SI-650: Fixed an issue were long pressing a broadcast message as a subscriber would present an empty list of options.
  • SI-627: It was discovered that a normal user on the system with no contacts could not invite a guest user. This was corrected to allow users without contacts to invite users onto their system.
  • SI-626: Corrected some styling issues for the Contacts screen when there is an empty roster.
  • SI-592: Corrected the title of the conference details screen.
  • SI-585: Corrected the unread marker behaviour – sometimes a message would be truncated.
  • SI-553: Fixed an issue where duplicate images would appear in the media feed for a group chat.
  • SI-526: Fixed an issue where the guest Invite button on an empty contacts screen would cause the application to crash.
  • SI-525: Corrected the background colour for the name label in a forwarded message.
  • SI-517: The HUD that was added to download/upload an attachment was not being removed correctly once complete. There was also an issue that the HUD was not being updated with progress.
  • SI-458: Fixed an issue where searching for a contact, and using Arabic, the final section title would be blank.
  • SI-406: Fixed an issue where initiating a call from the phones cf log would fail to connect if the app was dead.
  • SI-356: Corrected a brief incoming tone while phone is on silent and locked.
  • SI-302: Fixed an issue where an incoming conference call would only have a ringtone for 10 seconds.
  • SI-298: Fixed an issue where receiving a call for the first time would fail due to permission complications.
  • SI-294: Fixed an issue where the outgoing ringtone would play on a device when setting up conference call.
  • SI-69: The ringer volume is now correctly controlled by the volume controls. Previously you had to change the media volume.
  • SI-751: Fixed a crash where the call state was not being updated and an option to return to the call remained. Upon selecting to return to the call, the app would crash.

Portal 1.1-209


  • SI-480: Administrators now have the ability to multi-select users to add multiple users to channels, generate fresh installations for multiple users and add multiple users to circles.
  • SI-479: Customers can now have more than 5 administrators.
  • SI-604: Speed of dialog loading has been improved when creating channels.
  • SI-605: Channel ‘edit’ performance has been improved.
  • SI-652: Deactivated users can now be purged from the system by entering an administrative password to confirm.
  • SI-725: System-level statistics collectors can now be enabled on a customer’s on-premise deployment to provide granular resource analytics.

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