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This release includes minor bug fixes and improvements.

Support Issues Addressed

  • [SCSD-759] Favourite contacts intermittently disappear for some users.

Bug Fixes

  • [SI-3395] Call instability on some devices when a call that had been previously reconnected is ended.
  • [SI-3403] Action bar buttons can be pressed while recording audio.
  • [SI-2062] App restarts when the app is killed and reopened while trying to contact a user.
  • [SI-3406] App error occurred on some devices when a message could not immediately be sent to the recipient.
  • [SI-3407] Export image was causing a crash when no app is available on the device to handle it.
  • [SI-3408] Viewing PDF will cause error if local file cannot be found.
  • [SI-3409] Viewing video will cause error if the local file cannot be found.
  • [SI-3410] Unhandled error under certain circumstances when refreshing messages.
  • [SI-3411] A race condition around attachments was causing downloads to fail in some circumstances.
  • [SI-3412] Unsupported error was occuring when a user’s address is not known while looking up group members.
  • [SI-3413] Message preview date was formatted incorrectly.
  • [SI-3399] A race condition was sometimes causing an incorrect message preview layout to be shown on the messages tab.
  • [SI-3415] Unsupported error was occuring when sending from an external service was unable to load data.

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