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This release includes minor bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.

Support Issues Addressed

  • [SCSD-743] Text paste / long message broke the comment form.

Bug Fixes

  • [SI-3294] Camera flash state now persists.
  • [SI-3298] “Show All” will now always show for chat media in chat info screen.
  • [SI-3306] Improvements to PDF export.
  • [SI-3329] Broadcast UI fixes.
  • [SI-3302] Broadcast image icon incorrect.
  • [SI-3299] Tapping the “up” button from profile screen skips the previous screen and returns to main screen.
  • [SI-3318] Incorrect tab title is shown when invites disabled.
  • [SI-3191] Exporting file changes filename.
  • [SI-3335] Video recording should not be allowed while on a call.

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