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This release includes minor bug fixes and improvements around image loading and font sizing in conversations.

Support Issues Addressed

  • [SCSD-3285] Messages in RTL languages are not RTL aligned.
  • [SCSD-743] Long non-Latin text entered / pasted breaks the text entry layout in conversations.

Bug Fixes

  • [SI-3219] User should not be allowed to copy an ICN.
  • [SI-3162] Scrubber doesn’t appear for incoming voice messages.
  • [SI-3247] Sending GIF causing crash.
  • [SI-3262] Forwarding your own message results in an ICN.
  • [SI-3277] Glitchy burn progress bar.
  • [SI-1703] Audio message scrubber not moving when viewing audio attachment message info.
  • [SI-3284] Font size is not taking effect on reply messages.
  • [SI-3290] User should be able to open their outgoing images before they are uploaded and sent to recipients.
  • [SI-3293] Image loading issues causing odd image display.

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