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This release includes a number of conference call related fixes and some small general improvements.


  • [SI-2615] “Burn all history” option doesn’t delete broadcasts.
  • [SI-2633] Conference title in call fragment inconsistent when “tap to join” is shown.
  • [SI-2632] Improve how we collect information about who is in a conference call.
  • [SI-2637] Android should send “foregrounded” or “backgrounded” status when not silent.
  • [SI-2646] PDF preview changed to respect document aspect ratio.
  • [SCSD-486] User busy display does not stay on screen long enough.

Bug Fixes

  • [SI-2617] Alias of conference call initiator was sometimes set to “null”.
  • [SI-2629] Duration not showing on incoming conference.
  • [SI-1785] Multi User Selector – Limit the recently contacted list to 5.
  • [SI-2631] Conference participants now updating correctly when someone else is invited.
  • [SI-2619] Allowing permissions on “Invite via email” displays phone contacts rather than email contacts.
  • [SI-2635] Update conference behaviour to more closely match iOS.
  • [SI-2640] Incoming call does not vibrate device when app is backgrounded.
  • [SI-2639] “Tap to join” not showing when user backs off the conference call screen.
  • [SI-2647] Crash when making outgoing call for contact with no name field.
  • [SI-2655] If the user uses “Tap to join” to answer an incoming conference call, they won’t be connected but the call screen will show.
  • [SI-2529] White (blank) screen shown when coming back to conference call screen.
  • [SI-2500] When a conference creator leaves and rejoins, they can no longer terminate the conference.
  • [SI-2660] “Tap to join” showing twice when you back out of conference call screen.
  • [SI-2666] Cannot make a call because you are already on a call.
  • [SI-2665] Conference Call Timer not reset after a P2P Call.

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