This release includes a small number of bug fixes.


  • LOGGING: Added more logging around call audio
  • SI-2590: Conference calls will now end when the focus leaves the call

Bug Fixes

  • SI-2594: Fixed an issue when incoming call will crash the app if user is not yet in roster
  • SI-2592: Call screen layout fixes for smaller screen devices
  • SI-2598: Fixed a crash caused by failing to load an image when attempting to view it
  • SI-2599: Fixed a crash caused by failing to get the duration of a broadcast audio message
  • SI-2600: Fixed an issue that stopped users playing an audio message while listening to a different audio message in the same broadcast channel
  • SI-2602: Fixed an issue that showed all chats after performing an operation on a search result
  • SI-2603: Fixed an issue that allowed a user to capture an image while recording an audio message

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