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This release includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • SI-1953: Can no longer forward in-chat notifications
  • SI-2386: Better handling by message info screen when message cannot be found
  • SI-2196: Improved broadcast location message UI
  • Misc. Call, conference call and call log improvements

Bug Fixes

  • SI-2504: Fixed Android Arabic-language was unable to send attachments to iOS
  • SI-2331: Fixed a crash caused by manually pasting location URL
  • SI-2277: Music not paused when you answer a call
  • SCSD-254: URL / Text sharing did not close the sharing screen on send
  • SI-1978: Favourite contacts not update during roster update
  • SI-2413: Call logs are duplicated
  • SI-2428: Duplicated call logs just after a call when on call tab
  • SI-1988: Audio message button did not return to its original state
  • SI-2296: Contact search showing all contacts when no results are found
  • SI-2497: Conference call termination did not correctly update participant UI
  • SI-2494: Conference call host could not rejoin a conference that they left

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