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Audio Message and Copy & Paste Improvements, App Performance, and Additional Support Information.

The latest SaltDNA release includes a number of key UI enhancements, improvements on audio messaging and message copy & paste, as well the inclusion of support information in app. With the significant improvement in many of the finer details within the app there has been a major focus on improving the overall performance on both iOS and Android.

Android 9.4.0


  • Audio player management has several improvements.
  • Message Thread UI enhancements for faster access to long threads.
  • Attachment download UI enhancements.
  • Thumbnail images are now available for some types of attachment.
  • Font sizes for Arabic have been increased.
  • Inclusion of a new Support/Info email for bug submission.

Bug Fixes

  • Search in circles allows for multiple names to be returned.
  • Contact search now only searches based on the alias.
  • Resolved various app issues on Samsung devices when the user is part of high volume group chats.
  • Fixed an issue where the history screen was not visible behind the + button (known as the FAB).

iOS 9.4.0


  • Copy and paste improvements for text and images.
  • Audio player improvements for voice notes.
  • Ability to remove users from a group chat.
  • When offline in a group chat an in-app notification will show the user that the message can not be sent.
  • Now able to return a call using the phone’s native call log.
  • Optimized spacing between message bubbles.
  • Opening app from the lock screen now takes you to the correct location within the app.
  • Missed calls did not show within the app and the phone’s call log.
  • Update to swipe controls across app functions.
  • Inclusion of a new Support/Info email for bug submission.
  • Tap to clear and fetch roster now localised.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the audio when returning to a call from a chat thread.
  • Fixed UI issues with the burn and disband icons when swiping to the right.
  • Missing icon now showing on the CallKit screen.
  • Overlay progress bar no longer disappears when offline.
  • Alphabetic selector is no longer shown when it shouldn’t.
  • Audio tone does not cut short when making an outgoing call.
  • Fixed performance issues with the message screen for lengthy conversations.
  • User is no longer was able to overwrite an existing group chat name when creating a new group.
  • Client will now honour the attachment export entitlement dictated by the server.
  • Group chat names which include an emoji will not cause the app to crash.
  • Corrected displayed message when camera access permission is requested.
  • Fixed an issue where the group chat info screen was not updating after disbanding a group chat.
  • Fixed a right-to-left issue when a carriage return was within the message, causing right-to-left to switch to left-to-right.
  • Text entry behaves correctly after exiting a call into a message thread.

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