Broadcast Severity Levels, UI & Bug Fixes

This release allows administrators to assign selected severity levels to individual broadcast channels on the portal. It also focuses on improvements to the broadcast UI & general bug fixes.

Android 10.9


  • SI-1093: Added the ability to copy & paste messages.
  • SI-373: Broadcast channels can now have their available severity levels configured via the portal.
  • Improvements
  • SI-1247: Added the ability to search messages using name.
  • SI-381: Improved Broadcast section UI.
  • SI-1222: Broadcast messages now show who sent a broadcast post.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-1321: Fixed an issue that stopped calls from being initiated after the user has force quit the app app.
  • SI-1282: Fixed an issue where the floating action button was grey instead of white.
  • SI-1270: Fixed an issue that caused a crash when a user ended a call.
  • SI-1268: Fixed a crash caused when a colour was being assigned to a member in a group chat.
  • SI-1241: Fixed an issue that caused call quality to degrade when a user’s phone screen went off.
  • SI-1238: Fixed an issue that caused connection problems.
  • SI-1182: Fixed an issue where the read status appeared to flicker.
  • SI-1035: Added the correct colour to the invite button.
  • SI-938: Fixed an issue that caused the ringtone to start after a conference call had ended.
  • SI-32: Fixed an issue that caused received images to appear sideways.

iOS 10.9


  • SI-37: Broadcast channels can now have their available severity levels configured via the portal.


  • SI-380: Improved Broadcast section UI.
  • SI-1251: Improved color contrast for the message thread screen.
  • SI-1264: Improved the display of image attachments in broadcast messages.
  • SI-1263: Improved the display of broadcast messages with no text content.
  • SI-1259: Increased the size of the delete attachment control on the broadcast screen.
  • SI-1250: Improved the performance of switching between users and circles when there’s a lot of content.
  • SI-1223: Broadcast messages now show who sent a broadcast post.
  • SI-1090: Updated the icons on the Contact Details screen.
  • SI-1021: Updated the floating action button library – more recent and stable.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-1313: Fixed a bug whereby killing the app no longer sent a ‘terminate’ whilst on a call.
  • SI-1311: Resolved a crash where entering the multi-user selector when the user had no contacts resulted in a crash.
  • SI-208: Fixed layout issues when forwarding a message.
  • SI-1309: Resolved a bug where users broadcast messages were being marked as read without viewing the screen.
  • SI-1306: Resolved a bug where playing video in the app, and dismissing the screen, still resumed playing the video.
  • SI-1302: Resolved an issue where the informative “no broadcast messages” was disappearing.
  • SI-1300: Corrected a colour issue on the caption field of a new broadcast post.
  • SI-1296: The titles on the main tabs can no longer be tapped to change text size.
  • SI-1249: Corrected the colour of the broadcast counter.
  • SI-1261: Corrected the error message that is displayed when you try to type a broadcast title that is too long.
  • SI-1237: When calling a group the call button would sometimes become disabled.
  • SI-1047: Unread messages are now correctly being marked as read.
  • SI-928: When operating in Arabic some of the animations on the multiuser select screen were incorrect.
  • SI-1041: Corrected the Broadcast form layout on the iPad.
  • SI-1051: On the call details screen the call duration on smaller screens was being truncated.
  • SI-1046: The status label for a contact in a conference call was being truncated when using larger font sizes.
  • SI-1086: Adjusted the touch areas for the title and custom back buttons so they no longer overlap each other.
  • SI-1043: On the iPad the header for the circle section was too small.

Portal 1.1 – 218


  • SI-371: Broadcast channel levels – Administrators can assign and edit broadcast channel severity levels.


  • SI-780: Standardized handling of APNS/FCM offline notifications.

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