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This release focuses on improvements to the code base, bug fixes and UI enhancements.

Android 10.8


  • SI-943: Changed the colour of the cancel button for attachments in Broadcast messages.
  • SI-619: Updated navigation icon styles.
  • SI-1070: Added translations for multiple languages.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-1084: Fixed an issue where the PIN was bypassed when receiving a call from the background.
  • SI-1082: Fixed an issue that caused burnt messages to stay on the screen despite no longer existing in the database.
  • SI-1081: Fixed an issue that stopped users from updating broadcasts while offline.
  • SI-1078: Fixed an issue that allowed users to see a broadcast channel after it had been deleted.
  • SI-1077: Fixed an issue where the hold sound would not play in a call.
  • SI-1067: Fixed an issue where the message screen wasn’t updated when a conversation was burned.
  • SI-1065: Fixed an issue that caused the mute button to maintain state between calls.
  • SI-1061: Fixed an issue that stopped a user from starting a call after accepting permissions.
  • SI-950: Fixed issues regarding layouts when the app was set to RTL languages.
  • SI-948: Fixed an issue where the Media Feed didn’t update when an attachment was burned.
  • SI-947: Fixed an issue that caused inaccessible groups to show up when broadcast channels were deleted.
  • SI-683: Fixed an issue where the video duration didn’t stop after a user stopped recording.
  • SI-1094: Fixed an issue where the Hold tone would only play after accepting microphone permission.
  • SI-1219: Fixed a crashed caused when a conversation with a deleted invite was opened.

iOS 10.8


  • SI-917: Defined a standard colour palette making colour updates more manageable.
  • SI-831: Renewed the VOIP certificates for the different deployments.
  • SI-587: Translated the remaining UI code to Swift.
  • SI-1004: Added swipe gestures to the guest invite screen to support navigation between tabs.
  • SI-932: Tidied up the contacts screen – an extra header was being shown that was not needed during searching.
  • SI-931: We now display a warning when trying to send an attachment that is too large.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-1060: Re-joining a group when the message thread was visible would not enable the input box.
  • SI-1058: The back button on the Contact info screen would sometimes not work.
  • SI-1055: Already selected users on the multi-user selector are now correctly highlighted.
  • SI-1054: The multi-user selector back button would sometimes not work.
  • SI-1048: Corrected a missing localization when adding a user to a group.
  • SI-1033: The call screen would sometimes fail to appear when foregrounding the app.
  • SI-929: The PIN code screen was using the light theme for the status bar making it difficult to read the details.
  • SI-822: When composing a message, the autocomplete suggestions would prevent the default controls appearing when the message was sent.

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