Permission Dialogs & Understanding External Services

This release adds informational permission dialogs on Android, and the ability for the clients to understand messages received from external services.

Android 10.7


  • SI-863: Added the ability to receive messages from an external service.


  • SI-897: Added Permission Dialogs that better explain the reasons for each permission.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-811: Fixed an issue that caused a crash after a call had ended.

iOS 10.7


  • SI-864: Added the ability to receive messages from an external service.


  • SI-910: A timeout during a call would prevent a subsequent call connecting as the screen would freeze.
  • SI-883: Performance improvements for users who have legacy message attachments – most noticeable when scrolling through a message thread containing attachments.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-927: Missed conference calls were incorrectly labeled as incoming with a time duration.
  • SI-925: Group chat messages with the export option were only exporting the users own messages and not everyone’s.
  • SI-924: An on-screen prompt shown when leaving or burning a group conversation was incorrectly positioned when running the app in Arabic.
  • SI-922: The alphabet scroller was still being shown for phones in Arabic.
  • SI-880: When run in Arabic the ‘Show All’ button for the media feed was shown on the wrong side.
  • SI-829: Fixed an issue where the broadcast type was not maintained when a broadcast was being edited.
  • SI-828: The Export Conversation button was incorrectly shown for a group when the feature was not enabled.
  • SI-826: When making an outgoing call the mute button would appear activated if the previous call had been on mute.
  • SI-821: When long pressing a broadcast message with an attachment the user was presented with the action sheet but also brought to view the attachment.
  • SI-820: Corrected layout issues with the call banner for devices with a notch.
  • SI-819: A customer configured logo was not being used on the Passcode screen.

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