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Performance, UI & Bug Fixes

As with the previous release, this release includes performance improvements, UI/UX enhancements and bug fixes.

Android 10.6


  • SI-672: The camera button is now easier to press on the New Broadcast Post screen.
  • SI-670: UI update to include ‘Show All’ on the media feed within the contact details screen.
  • SI-782: Added colours to call type icons.
  • SI-812: Added optimisations for message screen performance.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-849: Fixed an issue where attachments were being incorrectly deleted after being forwarded.
  • SI-843: Fixed a navigation issue experienced when forwarding a message.
  • SI-841: Fixed an issue where image captions were not forwarded with images.
  • SI-833: Fixed a stability issue when a user was looking at a broadcast message and it was deleted.
  • SI-663: Fixed an issue where video previews were not always working for broadcasts.
  • SI-818: Fixed an issue where unused files were not being deleted properly.
  • SI-813: Fixed an issue where Android changed the file type of a PDF when forwarding.
  • SI-801: Fixed an issue that caused the alias of invited users to delete after syncing contacts.
  • SI-679: Fixed an issue causing a P2P call record to display incorrectly.
  • SI-676: Fixed an issue where a broadcast attachment was being incorrectly uploaded after being edited.

iOS 10.6


  • SI-781: Added colours to call type icons.
  • SI-799: The performance of the contacts screen has been improved.
  • SI-697: The media feed for a group chat now includes the ability to view all media from the headers title.
  • SI-520: Search conversations performance has been improved.
  • SI-684: When a user receives a new attachment or a burn related to the Media Feed, whilst they are viewing the Media Feed, it now automatically updates.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-861: Fixed an issue that incorrectly aligned a label when a device was set to Arabic.
  • SI-829: Fixed an issue where the broadcast type was not maintained when a broadcast was being edited.
  • SI-825: Fixed an issue that stopped the outgoing ringtone from playing.
  • SI-824: Fixed an issue where broadcast messages were not being correctly marked as read.
  • SI-823: Fixed an issue with copy and paste when creating a broadcast message.
  • SI-809: When a device was set to Arabic, during a call, the Mute and Speaker buttons had incorrect labels.
  • SI-808: Using the phone in Arabic caused the Mute button to disappear.
  • SI-800: Using the device in Arabic caused layout issues in the Contact Details screen.
  • SI-784: Fixed an issue where, if a call disconnected, 20 seconds later the user would be unable to shut down the call and had to restart the app.
  • SI-687: Fixed an issue causing a P2P call record to display incorrectly.
  • SI-649: Fixed an issue where a user was unable to see the text they were entering into a New Post for a Broadcast if it was very long.
  • SI-632: Addresses an issue whereby both the apps and systems ringtones played when receiving a call when the app was dead.
  • SI-622: Devices without FaceID but had TouchID incorrectly stated they could turn on FaceID.
  • SI-397: Fixed an issue where the Recently Contacted header cut off when forwarding.
  • SI-339: Killing the app before completely entering a new PIN no longer enables the feature.
  • SI-229: Fixed an issue where, on occasion, an email address would be shown instead of a contact’s name when displaying screenshot warnings.
  • SI-881: Unanswered outgoing calls were incorrectly displaying a duration following a successful call.
  • SI-882: A missed call caused other outgoing call records to be incorrectly colour coded.
  • SI-902: Fixed a crash that would occur when backgrounding and foregrounding a call.
  • SI-910: Fixed an issue where a timeout during a call would prevent a subsequent call from being initiated.

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