UX/UI Improvements & Secuirty Updates

This release improves app parity and has multiple UI, performance and security updates.

Android 10.12


  • SI-1541: Added ability to share files from other apps.


  • SI-1779: Reduced the number of available burn times available.
  • SI-1763: Added a setting to allow users to always view read status.
  • SI-1762: Improved attachment handling.
  • SI-1706: Improved group member management UI for group admins.
  • SI-1705: Improved attachment upload UI handling.
  • SI-1656: Implemented updated Favourites UI.
  • SI-1640, SI-1594, SI-1533, SI-1528, SI-666: Broadcast UI improvements.
  • SI-1534: Notification UI improvements.
  • SI-1531: Message Thread UI improvements.
  • SI-1521: Conference call improvements.
  • SI-1121: Implemented updated Lockscreen UI.
  • SI-1119: Implemented updated Verification UI.
  • SI-1113: Implemented updated Settings UI.
  • SI-946: Users can now mute before a recipient answers a call.
  • SI-693: Media feed UX improvements.
  • SI-678: Dropped support for lowest resolution video.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-1755: Removed duplicate search results while forwarding a message.
  • SI-1707: Fixed an issue where selecting an image to display showed a black screen even after APP recycle.
  • SI-1699: A user will not be able to message a group with no members.
  • SI-1404: Download button will no longer appear on incoming video files.
  • SI-1361: Fixed an issue where settings were not maintaining state.
  • SI-942: Forwarded Excel formatted files will not be shown as an image attachment.
  • SI-912: Backgrounding the app on outgoing call will not result in the ringtone persisting during a connected call.
  • SI-847: Message bubbles will now not flicker during multi-select.
  • SI-845: Time displays correctly on audio messages.
  • SI-835: Fixed an issue where image captions would show up on top of images.
  • SI-677: Conference call record is created even if no-one joins the call.
  • SI-673: Fixed an issue where the upload progress bar was shown when nothing was actually happening.
  • SI-483: Group chats now show Forward ICNs.
  • SI-80: Fixed an issue where notification setting options didn’t work on older versions of android.
  • SI-66: Moving the progress bar to the end of the recording, then pressing play, will now play the audio message.

iOS 10.12


  • SI-1778: The lower Auto Burn times have been removed to help with media content.
  • SI-1764: Added option to show message status at all times.
  • SI-1743: Upon startup we now check notifications are enabled and if not direct the user to enable them.
  • SI-1693: Improved the UI for a GIF refresh.
  • SI-1657: Updated Favourites UI.
  • SI-1638: UI improved for refreshing videos upon message status updates.
  • SI-1632: Improved the handling of broadcast messages.
  • SI-1624: Updated the OLMKit version to the latest release.
  • SI-1608: Videos can now be played from inside the bubbles of a message thread.
  • SI-1555: Hardened the deactivation of users from the system.
  • SI-1120: Implemented updated Lock screen UI.
  • SI-1118: Implemented updated Verification UI.
  • SI-1112: Implemented updated Settings UI.
  • SI-1110: Implemented updated Group Info UI.
  • SI-390: Improved the UI colour algorithm for group chat usernames.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-1781: Missed calls are now being reported to the user.
  • SI-1775: Fixed an issue when, after selecting a user in the search function, the search was dismissed.
  • SI-1771: The speaker now persists as expected when connecting to a conference call.
  • SI-1712: Unprompted Register screen will not display unexpectedly.
  • SI-1711: Fixed an issue that resulted in two guest invite buttons appearing.
  • SI-1691: Guest invite Accepted/Rejected labels are now correctly hidden.
  • SI-1689: Video previews will not show a white box before the video is downloaded.
  • SI-1688: Fixed an issue where cancelling a swipe action from the messages thread, when the keyboard was visible, would cause it to overlap messages.
  • SI-1687: Enabling the speaker at the start of a call will not disable again when the call connects.
  • SI-1685: Navigating through screens when on a call no longer kills the call audio.
  • SI-1684: Fixed an issue where messages cells would sometimes not show all of the content until tapped.
  • SI-1666: When selecting multiple users the app now correctly supports filtering all the users, including the recents.
  • SI-1665: Delivery and read receipts now correctly account for delays on the server.
  • SI-1646: Fixed an issue where sending a sticker would insert a !sticker! caption.
  • SI-1635: Forwarding a broadcast message into a message thread now copies the text details.
  • SI-1634: Corrected error message when a call timed out.
  • SI-1631: Fixed an issue where the list of Recents in the multi-user selector could show a blank entry if they were no longer in your contact list.
  • SI-1620: Forwarding a message now presents the list of recipients and allows to filter recently contacted.
  • SI-1601: Fixed an issue where pasting the text from a recently burnt message wouldn’t work.
  • SI-1599: We fixed an issue where some unrecognised special characters could not be deleted.
  • SI-1597: The edge of video previews are no longer being trimmed.
  • SI-1596: Fixed an issue where some images and map locations would sometimes appear very large in the message thread.
  • SI-1573: Backgrounding the app when viewing a message thread no longer leaves the message reader active.
  • SI-1543: Forwarding attachments now retain the original filename.
  • SI-1398: Fixed an issue where some screens prevented read receipts for messages being sent.
  • SI-1357: Conference member with a comma in their name no longer show as additional conference member.
  • SI-1039: Fixed an issue where overlays for broadcast channel videos would sometimes be incorrect.



  • SI-1346: Can now assign an arbitrary invite code.
  • SI-1430: Can now assign a private roster to a user – individuals within the private roster cannot see each other.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-1749: Fixed an issue where the country code for a few countries were incorrect.
  • SI-1590: A customer admin will now return correctly filtered results.
  • SI-1585: Fixed an issue where version numbers showed ‘alpha’ builds erroneously.
  • SI-1567: Contextual user actions are nowt displaying correctly for external users.
  • SI-1566: Portal now returns a 401 with ‘Deactivated’ when a user does not authenticate.
  • SI-1553: Offline message email notifications are now being sent consistently.
  • SI-1549: Users are no longer brought back to page 1 of users after sending a fresh install.
  • SI-1538: Fixed an issue where User Info displayed Channel membership number but drill down did not list the name of channels.

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