UX / UI, Security Improvements & Bug Fixes

This release has multiple UX / UI, stability, and security improvements with multiple bug fixes.

Android 10.10


  • SI-1429: Updated attachment security.
  • SI-1428: Minor logging update.
  • SI-1414: Image thumbnails now refresh after the image is downloaded.
  • SI-1413: Removed the copy option for any message type that is NOT plain text.
  • SI-1381: Updated security mechanism for image storage.
  • SI-1362: Improved copy / paste functionality.
  • SI-1350: Improved read status behaviour.
  • SI-1018: Improved UX / UI on Guest Invites screen.
  • SI-1012: Improved UX / UI on Message Info screen.
  • SI-1011: Improved UI on Conversation screen.
  • SI-1009 & SI-1010: Improved Message Thread UX / UI.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-1433: Improved stability while editing broadcasts with images.
  • SI-1405: Improved stability when getting Message Info.
  • SI-1380: Optimised image storage.
  • SI-1351: Fixed an issue where Backgrounding a call and opening another app sometimes terminated the call.
  • SI-1349: Generally improved performance of call services.
  • SI-1337: Fixed an issue where the call timer would reset when a call reconnected.
  • SI-1335: Fixed an issue where a random timer value could sometimes appear when on a call.
  • SI-1240: Fixed an issue where users would see small, empty bubbles when sending attachments.
  • SI-837: Optimised message burn clean up.
  • SI-36: Fixed an issue where users were unable to see new group chats on Blackberry.
  • SI-29: Fixed an issue when sending multiple videos.
  • SI-1443: Fixed an issue where forwarded images would sometimes not show in a conversation.
  • SI-1447: Fixed an issue where a video thumbnail would sometimes not show.

iOS 10.10


  • SI-1423: Increased thumbnail resolution.
  • SI-1407: Improved architecture of uploading/downloading attachments.
  • SI-1364: Improved generation of video thumbnails.
  • SI-1323: Improved alphabet scroller.
  • SI-1307: User select now shows recent conversations.
  • SI-392: Forward recipient selector now includes frequently contacted users.
  • SI-1304: Image thumbnails now refresh after the image is downloaded.
  • SI-1297: Improved speed when opening circles with large amounts of users.
  • SI-1289: Custom assets for Audio/File types are now used instead of randomly generated ones.
  • SI-1019: Improved UX / UI on Guest Invites screen.
  • SI-1016 & SI-1015: Improved Message Thread UX / UI.
  • SI-1014: Improved UI on Conversation screen.
  • SI-1013: Improved UX / UI on Message Info screen.
  • SI-207: UI enhancements to forwarded messages.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-1432: Fixed issue to propagate updated severity.
  • SI-1427: Some Missed calls were not being logged after coming back online.
  • SI-1421: Improved management of name labels in group chats after ICNs.
  • SI-1383: FAB shadow visual improvement.
  • SI-1373 & SI-1227: Fixed an issue with hanging call ended screen.
  • SI-1357: Tidy up of conference call count.
  • SI-1245: Improved management of audio message files sent from some Android devices.
  • SI-903: Improved app reconnection behaviour when offline.
  • SI-1448: When typing the camera icon would sometimes fail to dismiss.
  • SI-1454: Fixed a broadcast title layout issue when a device is in Arabic.

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