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Why Protecting Tactical Communications is Critical for Military

Military leaders are confronted with many difficulties on a daily basis both out on the ground and in HQ but one of the biggest challenges is ensuring effective, structured and secure transmission of communication. Any successful military action has always depended on the efficient sharing of information, but never more so than in modern times when threats are continuing to rise and the expectation for rapid response means effective communication is crucial. 

The core of leadership has always been effective command and control. Even in pre-industrial times, when commanders could frequently observe an entire battlefield from a single vantage point, it was challenging to make sure that instructions were communicated efficiently and precisely.

The military relies on a concept known as joint operations in the modern era. This involves close coordination between all components of the armed forces, including naval forces as well as close support aircraft and the soldiers’ on-the-ground services. These forces depend on shared data services as well as reliable and secure voice/messaging communications, building an information network where all units have access to crucial intelligence, real-time.

Military Communications on a Digital Battleground 

The battlefield setting presents obstacles. Systems made specifically for the ground forces must be capable of operating in some of the most extreme conditions whether that is hardware systems being ruggedised, physical equipment being lightweight, but highly protective for use on the battlefield or software systems that can operate in areas with low signal with the reliance on Satellite networks. 

The notion of the “future soldier,” in which the frontline soldier is outfitted with a variety of communications and data technology, has been developed by numerous forces over the past few decades. In the twenty-first century, as warfare becomes increasingly network-centric, secure communications technology has likewise moved to its next generation, and demand for it has peaked. In the present predicament, a connected soldier should have network capabilities that enable information to be made available in real-time in order to fulfil mission requirements and sustain operational capabilities.

Wearable technology, which will enable the soldier to function in a digitally connected world, is key to this idea. These connected gadgets, which combine speech, data, and vision, must function in the challenging field environments. They must also demonstrate a very high level of dependability because there is a chance that lives could depend on them. With limited time, the requirement to send information to fellow troops or HQ in a timely, formatted and secure manner is crucial for fast analysis and immediate actions. 

Communicating in challenging conditions 

In order to ensure that critical information can be exchanged when it counts most, military communications networks must be dependable and secure under all circumstances, especially in poor and restricted network environments. Since satellite network bandwidths are frequently limited in battle zones and communication integrity is at risk from high latency and challenging operational features, they must be able to function even in locations with poor connectivity infrastructure.

To maintain readiness to anticipate and respond to events and missions, decision-makers in the areas of defence and security rely heavily on the support of technology, tools, and systems. The responsibility the military have to their country means that the integrity and sensitivity of the information they exchange should always be protected through the use of a secure communications system.

Setting your force up for success 

The dependability and integrity of the communications system are becoming more and more important as military operations call for ever-sophisticated communications capabilities.

The military sector’s two essential needs are the security of highly sensitive information and the preservation of consistent communication. Imagine that real-time data has not been safely delivered or that critical data has not been properly preserved. In that instance, it might jeopardise public safety or result in conflicts between several nations. Additionally, military communication encompasses all facets of how information and data are transmitted by military forces for organised operation, military surveillance, and command and control. 

Salt Communications provides military units with complete ownership and full control of their communications. Providing the capability to send secure messages and carry out secure calls, supporting military clients with protected instant message features and a host of additional unique capabilities. In a world where we suffer from too much data – it is very difficult to determine easily which data is useful, Salt offers a secure and easy to use reporting function where military units can act upon the information within seconds. Our customers need Mission Critical, real-time information that is contextually accurate and rich in nature to make timely, comprehensive and accurate reports to inform decision makers to initiate/order appropriate actions.

Through using Salt it will give your force the most effective, resilient, and scalable system. Providing troops with secure, dependable communications under all circumstances. Effective information interchange can be the key to a successful operation in this demanding climate.

Military services must take action and treat cyber security with the same seriousness as their rivals. Information warfare will be a significant – possibly defining aspect of the next major global battles, which will be unlike anything we have seen before.

Most certainly, there won’t be another chance for military forces to prepare. 

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About Salt Communications 

Salt Communications is a multi-award winning cyber security company providing a fully enterprise-managed software solution giving absolute privacy in mobile communications. It is easy to deploy and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to meet the highest of security standards. Salt Communications offers ‘Peace of Mind’ for Organisations who value their privacy, by giving them complete control and secure communications, to protect their trusted relationships and stay safe. Salt Communications is headquartered in Belfast, N. Ireland, for more information visit Salt Communications. 

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