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Legal Comms at Risk Without Secure Communication Solutions According to the European Legal Security Forum 2016

Legal Comms - The European Legal Security Forum 2016 Uncovers the Importance of Secure Mobile Communications for Legal Professionals

Salt Communications recently attended the European Legal Security Forum 2016, which was based in Bishopsgate, London. We met with large numbers of attendees and exhibitors to discuss how Salt Communications can be utilized within the Legal sector to secure communications.

From the event, it was clear that what Salt Communications offers is increasingly becoming a necessity within large Law firms, in order to maintain lawyer, client confidentiality. The industry needs an enterprise focussed solution like Salt Communications, instead of using consumer applications and outdated hardware solutions. The increase in hacking within the Legal industry has driven Law firms to identify the best solution to meet their communication needs.

Our interactions at the ‘European Legal Security Forum’ were a great validation that what we offer at Salt Communications is the perfect fit for the modern day Legal firm. The event was a great success for the company, and our COO and Marketing Manager thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many attendees and exhibitors interested in our encrypted communications solution.

We would like to thank everyone at Netlaw Media for hosting a thoroughly enjoyable event. We look forward to connecting to everyone that we met at the event, and to future Legal events that Salt Communications will attend.


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