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Now Hiring For a Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Salt Communications

SaltDNA are Hiring a Senior Full-Stack Engineer

About this Job

Job type: Full-time

Experience level: 5+ Years Experience at Senior Engineer level

Role: Full-stack engineer (Excellent Salary and Benefits)

Remote Details

Employer’s note: The majority of the team have been comfortably working from home since March 2020. Our office is in central Belfast and is easily accessible if you need to get out of the house! It’s big, and it’s open and is near to everything. In normal times we like to be in the office to have lunches in and out of the office, and we would regularly go for a few refreshments after work. In the future, we expect to give people ample opportunity to continue to WFH if desired but to make the office available on an ongoing basis. Whatever works best for you!

Job description

About the Senior Full Stack Engineer – Belfast Position

About Salt Communications

Salt Communications was founded in 2013 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, by a dedicated team of tech specialists with backgrounds in enterprise security, telecommunications, optimising networks, and app development. While there’s no shortage of consumer communication tools, our founders recognise that none of them fit particularly well within an enterprise’s current framework.

Salt Communications is the first to provide a fully encrypted communications system that allows for complete centralised control by the enterprise. Salt Communications is the premier solution for government, military, finance, legal, and any other enterprise where security and privacy are of paramount concern.

Our platform offers secure voice, messaging, conference and video calling, broadcasting, and file transfer for mobile workers and your field operations team. SaltDNA is available on both Android and iOS as well as through our desktop client, allowing us to seamlessly integrate into the communication devices your team is already using.

We’re a highly technical team, and we’ve built a multi-award-winning product which is used across the globe by influential people. We aim to keep things casual – we don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s important to us that people are happy in their job. It’s a pretty flat structure, and you’ll have a lot of freedom to explore the best options for any given problem.

Today, we operate in over 50 countries across six continents, and we’re poised for continued growth in the future. 2021 is lining up to be our biggest year yet, and we need more great people to join the team and share in the success.

What is the Role?

The role of a senior full-stack engineer will be to re-engineer and take ownership of the desktop-based version of Salt Communications’ secure communications app. This is a mission-critical component of our product offering. You’ll be part of a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment.

As a Full Stack Developer, you should be comfortable around both front-end and back-end coding languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries. You should also be a team player with a knack for visual design and utility. You will frequently have the chance to speak to end users about their experience with the product and influence the product roadmap with your ideas and expertise.

What are the technologies you’ll be using?

At Salt Communications, we use Electron to deliver our secure messaging platform to the desktop. The application itself is written using the React web framework and the usual mix of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The client connects with the central communications platform using signed REST API calls as well as XMPP.

WebRTC provides support for making voice and video calls between users. The solution uses the Signal protocol to protect communications end-to-end.

All local data is stored in an encrypted database.

Working knowledge and experience of these technologies is highly desirable.

Security First

As with Salt Communications’ entire product suite, the web-based communicator needs to be highly secure in its operation. A grasp of general encryption and what it means and how it protects data is highly valued.

An Important Part of the Team

Everyone has a significant role to play in Salt Communications’. We’d like you to have refined communication and prioritisation skills in addition to a proven track record as an excellent full-stack engineer. Strong analytical skills and the ability to juggle many responsibilities across various aspects of the product will make you a perfect fit for the job. It’s challenging but thought provoking and ultimately exciting.

Make Us All Better

Share your experience with other team members and provide input to other aspects of the company. We want a candidate comfortable with building solutions for customers, who can drive designs and features, who can provide support, who can work within a team, and who can deliver the best version of the web-based app we can build. We want you to own the solution, and we’ll work together to help you succeed.


  • Design, implement, optimise, and support components anywhere within the software stack with a primary focus on the web client.
  • Work closely with a designer to build the front-end of applications through appealing visual design.
  • Troubleshoot and determine root problems with complex issues. Develop efficient and practical solutions to address issues by making the product easier to support in production.
  • Provide mentorship to new less experienced engineers and help build a strong, resilient team.
  • Create and implement best practises and process improvements. Develop and codify new processes as necessary.
  • You will help set the long term technical direction for the product to keep us ahead of the game!
  • You will get the chance to learn new skills along the way. If you need time or resources, we can make it happen.

Essential Skills

  • HTML | CSS | SCSS | Javascript
  • React
  • Electron
  • Good Design Skills
  • Has Built Web Apps
  • Databases | REST | HTTP
  • Nodejs

Valued Skills

  • Django
  • Postgres
  • Vuejs
  • Git
  • Bug Tracking Systems, e.g., JIRA
  • Windows / OSX Experience

To apply for this role please contact us directly or apply through Stack Overflow:

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