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SaltDNA Announce Secure Audio & Video Attachment Capabilities

SaltDNA Announce Secure Audio & Video Attachment Capabilities

The leader in secure mobile communications for the enterprise, SaltDNA – are delighted to announce the official launch of their new audio and video messaging capabilities. The Cybersecurity 500 company have announced that this functionality is available immediately within the latest version of the SaltDNA application.

Businesses are increasingly demanding the ability to exchange secure video and audio content while their executives are travelling. These new secure audio and video messaging upgrades have been incorporated into the existing award winning SaltDNA application, a result of ongoing discussions with our enterprise and government users, who, along with their staff, want the ability to send secure their voice and video messages while on the move. These new features provide an even more personal method of communicating with colleagues and clients.

“This latest release is another example of SaltDNA’s ability to fulfill customer requests and provide the highest quality of product on the market. We understand that enterprises have different requirements for a secure communications platform when compared to consumers – features like access to metadata archives, or individual user control options. But regardless of why a user has our app – they have personal preferences, needs and expectations for functionality and a user experience. By ensuring we have the look and feel of a consumer application, but the feature set for the enterprise, we encourage uptake and engagement from our users and their organisations.” said Damian Horner, Head of R&D at SaltDNA.

“The new feature set provides the SaltDNA customers with the ability to personalise their secure messages even more. For example – a senior manager can share confidential information on the move – providing direct verbal instructions for tasks as an audio message. For our law enforcement clients who need to visually record their surroundings on the job the capability to send secure video messages is crucial. We’re already getting early feedback that our customers delighted with the new features in the SaltIM app.”

The SaltDNA solution provides organisations both flexibility and full control of their communications while offering the highest grade encryption protocols. End-to-end encryption alone is not enough. SaltDNA believes that real security is a combination of encryption and control. Knowing how company metadata is being processed and stored will provide users with the confidence that their calls, messages, documentation, and now their audio & video messages are completely secure. The new SaltDNA audio & video messaging capabilities are available now on the latest versions of the SaltDNA solution.

To avail of a free trial of the award winning SaltDNA secure communications solution, or if you are interested in meeting a member of our senior management team, contact the SaltDNA now on

About SaltDNA

SaltDNA, ranked in the top half in the Cybersecurity 500, provides a fully enterprise-managed software solution that enables absolute privacy in mobile communications. It is easy to deploy and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to meet the highest of security standards. The SaltDNA Desktop and Mobile apps are intuitive and easy to install and use. The SaltDNA Communication Manager provides a console for tight management of users and can be configured for the management of regulatory compliance. SaltDNA is headquartered in Belfast, Ireland, for more information visit

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