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Salt Communications’ Newest Product Series: Feature Focus

secure comms solution

If most consumer apps now have end-to-end encryption then why would you need a Secure Communications solution? What do secure communications systems have that aren’t in your (many) other communication systems?

What configuration options can you choose from in order to maximise productivity while maintaining total privacy and staying compliant? Why do you call it a secure communications system and not just an app like the other products?

These are all common questions which we answer every day which has driven us to create a new free series of webinars which allow us to answer these in as much detail as you need – Salt Communications Feature Focus.

This series will be taking a deep dive into each one of our features with contributions from our founders: CEO Joe Boyle, CTO Pat Keehan and Global Support Leader Jonny Blair. In each session they’ll be answering your questions relating to secure communications as well as particular features and integrations and how these features are being used by customers across the globe.

The Salt Communications team have spent many years building the features to provide both security and control for organisations such as large government, military, legal, financial and enterprise clients. We have worked closely with our customers to ensure Salt Communications’ high security system provides the same convenient user experience as consumer apps – but in a safe and protected manner, enabling the customer to have full, centralised control of the system at all times. In doing this Salt Communications’ have developed the best armour organisations have to protect trade secrets and other sensitive, strategic and proprietary information when communicating on mobile devices.

The series will take place on the last Thursday of every month at 3PM UK time. This month we are looking into Secure Message Broadcasting; how this feature enables organisations to send messages, share images and other media to allow employees to manage real time events. Internal systems can trigger Alerts or else trusted users can assign the level of severity to a broadcast message, allowing the organisations to manage real-time incidents with the highest level of urgency possible. Digging further we will talk about how you can override a phone’s silent mode and do not disturb settings to ensure that serious situations are dealt with immediately.

To join us for this month’s feature focus to learn more about all things broadcasting on Thursday 27th May sign up here: – we are looking forward to seeing you!

About Salt Communications

Salt Communications is a multi-award winning cyber security company providing a fully enterprise-managed software solution giving absolute privacy in mobile communications. It is easy to deploy and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to meet the highest of security standards. Salt Communications offers ‘Peace of Mind’ for Organisations who value their privacy, by giving them complete control and secure communications, to protect their trusted relationships and stay safe. Salt Communications is headquartered in Belfast, N. Ireland, for more information visit our website.

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